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Weight Loss Program 

Weight Loss 

Beta HCG Weight Loss Program 

With the standard crash diet, people loose muscle as well as fat. Muscle loss is bad for your body and your metabolism and is also harder to maintain. It may look great on your scale but ultimately you will end up with the up and down effect of most diets. The HCG Program has demonstrated that it changes body composition in favor of muscle vs. fat.

Our HCG Medical Weight Loss Program uses both Beta HCG, Electrolyte IV, and MIC B12 injections, which has shown to encourage weight loss while maintaining muscle.

This program is especially helpful for patients who feel that their weight gain is a result of:

  • hormonal dysfunction
  • slow metabolism
  • chronic fatigue and stress

Maintaining Your Weight Loss

The biggest problem of any weight loss program is the yo-yo effect where you gain all of your weight back after the initial weight loss stage. With Scarsdale Aesthetic Medicine’s Weight Loss Program you will be able to keep your weight in check by using:

  • Elimination Diet based on food sensitivity testing
  • Healthy Transformational meal planning with high protein shakes, soup mixes, low glycemic protein bars and fibers
  • BIA scans to measure your body fat on a monthly basis
  • Supplementation to help burn fat and build muscle mass

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